About Us
MPA is an inclusive organisation focussed on bringing the community together to unite businesses, services and individuals under the one umbrella.

Since 2017, MPA has cultivated a community of professionals who provide mentoring, support and networking opportunities within the Muslim and wider communities.

We provide avenues for emerging young professionals to gain mentorship and increase opportunities for personal and professional development.

MPA is a not for profit, independent organisation, working in partnership with businesses and community organisations.

Our Services
  • Bring together professionals of the Islamic faith, heritage or background and others with an interest in supporting such professionals.
  • Provide a cohesive professional network to advocate for, and provide support to, our members and to benefit from shared learning and experience.
  • Improve the capability and reputation of members through educational events and programs within their respective fields and within the wider network of each members.
  • Mentor and support emerging professionals of the Islamic faith, heritage or background.
  • Create a supportive and inclusive environment for members to ensure a positive network for employment opportunities and resources.
  • Showcasing Muslim contributions to the broader community in a wide range of areas. This displays a vibrant Muslim community with depth and a breadth of experiences.