MPA @ Ascend Careers Expo

MPA @ Ascend Careers Expo


Melbourne‚Äôs first Muslim ‘ASCEND’ Career Expo was held on Saturday, 9 September proving that success may come to those with passion, faith and a great work ethic.  Muslim Professionals Association were honoured to attend the Expo and present on the importance of balancing your career aspirations with giving back to the community.

The Expo provided a unique platform for young Muslims to learn about the kind of jobs and professions that are out there, and help work out the sort of study they need to do to get those jobs.

The Expo hosted number of Muslim professionals from a variety of fields who provided guidance, advice and tips about their respective professions.

  • Attendees were also exposed to a number of hands on workshops, such as ‘A Day in the Life of a Doctor’, and sessions on how to alleviate issues faced by students whilst studying.
  • Eva Maleken, Youth Leader, provided strategies about managing time and improving productivity.
  • Amina Maleken, Optometrist, explained effective study tips and tricks to maximise study time.
  • Esma Kurt, Clinical Psychologist, described practical exercises to reduce stress and anxiety which she explained can be prevalent in the general public as well as students.
  • Bachar Houli graced the Expo midpoint with the aim of informing, inspiring and impacting attendees. The Richmond midfielder discussed his journey as a young Muslim Lebanese boy to successful businessman. His Bachar Houli Academy program engages over 5000 Islamic schools, providing a   starting point for players of Muslim faith wanting to transition into the AFL.



MPA representatives, including Eman Obeid (Radiation Therapist), Manar Minawi (Psychologist), Dr Amir Zayegh (Paediatric Registrar) and Nada Kalam (Engineer) concluded the event by discussing the importance of balancing career and community involvement.

If you were not able to attend the event, don’t forget to check out Eman Obeid and Manar Minawi live at the Expo on Facebook.

We congratulate Ascend for hosting a fantastic event and look forward to the next Career Expo.

Eman Obeid


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