2017 Vacation Work & Internships

2017 Vacation Work & Internships

Vacation work is a great opportunity for emerging professionals to gain experience in the workforce.  Many companies offer paid employment opportunities over the holidays to University students.  Opportunities are limited, but MPA have compiled a list of 50+ companies offering vacation work, along with 5  tips from our members on how to apply.

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Tip 1 – Keep your resume simple and short

  • Do include a  personal summary that outlines relevant skills that you have acquired and how, especially if you have limited work experience.  For example, if you are a committee member for an Islamic Society explain  your role and what skills you have developed as a result
  • Do NOT include experience from more than a few years ago.   Although it’s great that you were class captain in kindergarden, most employers are more interested in your most recent experience

Tip 2 – Use an adaptive cover letter

  • Do not use the same cover letter. Research the company and ensure you provide examples of how you demonstrate the key attributes the company is seeking
  • If you have limited work experience, do not rule out drawing upon other experiences, such as involvement in a cultural association or sporting club

Tip 3 – Prepare a list of scenarios

  • Write a list of various situations that can highlight your experience and skills.  Common scenarios are dealing with difficult people, working under pressure, working towards a goal and leading a team
  • Use the STAR format to prepare yourself – think of a situation (S), describe the task (T), what actions (A) you took and the end result (R)

Tip 4 – Proof read and rehearse

  • Double check that you have put the correct title, position and company.  Spell check, especially online application questions.  Employees will typically eliminate any applications that have errors.
  • Practice answers to common interview questions – why you are applying for the role, what do you know about the company, what are your strengths and weaknesses and what are your career goals. 

Tip 5 – Network

  • Utilise your network, or search the MPA professionals directory, to find out more about the company, the role  and the recruitment process.  Insider tips are a great boost for your confidence.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your network about any opportunities – not all jobs are advertised online!

Good luck and keep trying until you succeed.

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