Bashar Krayem awarded Man of the Year at AMAA 2018

Bashar Krayem awarded Man of the Year at AMAA 2018

Restaurant owner in Punchbowl, Bashar Krayem, has won Man of the Year at the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards 2017.  Mr Krayem has been working in the hospitality industry since he was 12 years old as a kitchen hand, and says he has always been fascinated with the food industry.  

He admits he goes through difficulties as a business owner, however he always tries to look at challenges in a positive way.  “There’s no such thing as failure… but you know what you learnt and you move forward, you just have to have drive,” he says.

Mr Krayem believes that being successful means giving something back to the community.  These days aside from his restaurants, he fully dedicates his time to work with various communities.  Not only does he provide financial support and food, he also hosts 200 refugee families to come and enjoy the first day of Ramadan every year. He also employs refugees and others from disadvantaged backgrounds.  He says he is simply following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, helping his community.
When one of his sons came to him asking why there are always bad stories about Islam in the media, he was a bit struck. His son asked point blank: “Are we bad people?”

“Once people see the truth side of Islam, they would then appreciate us, we don’t have to turn and change our opinion of what we believe in to impress other people and this is what I teach to my kids.”


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