Business Ideas and Hackathons, how are the two related, what is a hackathon?

Business Ideas and Hackathons, how are the two related, what is a hackathon?

Sam Haouchar

MPA are proud to be partnering with the Cultov8 Program

A hackathon is an occasion, a place, where passionate people, professionals or students from various backgrounds actively participate – form diverse teams, make their pitches, add their expertise, work towards creating a solution, business or social problem or work on a business idea.

In the new generation of business; creativity, innovation and disruption are normal and expected.  Hackathon (hacks) design sprints (creative problem solving), are ways to stimulate innovation.  The younger generation will be exposed to these ways of working as they enter in the work force.  These approaches have been used by all the world class organisations (Google, Apple, Samsung), and now consultancy’s like PwC and Deloitte are employing Chief Innovation Officers to embrace hacks and design sprints as a normal part of working and doing business. 

I completed a hack through university. It was intense, fun, crazy and satisfying.  You can work on your own business idea, social issue or you can support someone else.  We will use a specific session structure that allows teams to rapidly assess a solution or business idea.  I am extremely excited to be facilitating a few hackathons in the CultoV8 program.  I will have the rare opportunity to help 1st generation Australian (born overseas) and refugees, embracing an idea and help to develop the idea to the point teams will be able to pitch it (almost like Shark Tank, but less intense).

The Cultov8 program will provide a 12-week period pre-accelerator program post the hackathon to keep the momentum. 

This is how many great business ideas have developed, some with great success.  

The CultoV8 program is a rare opportunity for migrants and refuges, aged between 18 to 30 years of age to gain free and relative support on a business idea, with a technology focus, as a team.

To find out more or sign up follow the link, we look forward to seeing you at our next hackathon.   


About the Author: Sam Haouchar  is an entrepreneur, facilitator, logistics leader, mother of 2 and eternal student.


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