Dr Amir: Muslim Fundraiser for the Royal Children’s Hospital

Dr Amir: Muslim Fundraiser for the Royal Children’s Hospital

Dr. Amir Zayegh, Secretary of the Muslim Professionals Association, tells us about his work as a doctor at the Royal Children’s Hospital. The MPA are proud to be supporting the life-changing work of the Royal Children’s Hospital by fundraising as part of the Muslim Community’s support to the Good Friday Appeal. 

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My name is Amir and I am a Neonatal Fellow at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne. I am in my final year of training to become a Neonatologist, which is a doctor specialising in caring for sick and premature babies. I am currently working in the Intensive Care Unit, otherwise known as the Butterfly Ward, and was recently working in neonatal retrieval for PIPER (Paediatric, Infant and Perinatal Emergency Retrieval) based at RCH.

The Great Work RCH does:

I am privileged to work at such a prestigious and respected hospital, which along with the new Monash Children’s Hospital takes care of the sickest children in Melbourne and from around Victoria. Their expertise is such that they even care for patients from as far as Darwin and Adelaide if they have rare conditions requiring complex or high risk surgeries. I work with over 4,000 other staff, who all work hard to ensure that patients get the best care possible. The new RCH opened in 2011, and is a light-filled, spacious building designed for the comfort of patients and their families. It is a pleasure working in the new facilities and with access to modern technology and highly specialised teams.

An insider’s perspective:

While working with children can be stressful at times, it is also very rewarding. Children are extremely resilient, and while they often get sick quickly, they usually recover quickly too. It is always a delight to come around on a ward round and see a previously unwell child jumping around the room and playing like nothing had happened. Parents are understandably stressed when their children become unwell and when it takes time for them to be seen, but it is important to remember that medical and nursing staff are doing their best while juggling a large number of patients, particularly during winter when viral illnesses are much more common, and emergency departments are overflowing.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal is a special time for the hospital, and I have seen how donations every year are put towards equipment and projects that benefit patients in huge ways. An example is the purchase of an MRI-PET scanner to help assess children with cancer and complex neurological conditions and the funding of an increase in night staff to be able to care for patients in a more timely manner. Both patients and staff enjoy the day, as the hospital is usually flooded with chocolate and yummy treats!

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