MPA @ Muslim Medical Mentoring Launch Event

MPA @ Muslim Medical Mentoring Launch Event

Muslim Medical Mentoring (MMM) held their launch at the Islamic Museum of Australia.   Dr Amir Zayegh, secretary of MPA, spoke about the importance of networking and expanding professional contacts.  MPA is proud to be supporting the MMM and supporting our medical professional members.




MPA were represented and supported the Launch Event of the Muslim Medical Mentoring group, bringing together almost 100 doctors and medical students on August 26th, 2017. The event was hosted by the Islamic Museum of Australia, and brought together senior and junior doctors as well as medical students interested in supporting the development of current and future Muslims in the medical workforce. MMM came about to formalise an informal culture of career development workshops which Dr Ahmed Hassan, Ophthalmologist at Dandenong Eye Surgery, had been running informally for the benefit of Muslim medical students for the last few years. A group of enthusiastic medical students formed a committee for MMM, which aims to promote excellent medical practice by creating a platform for medical students and doctors to interact and share knowledge, skills and experience through a unique mentoring program and events.

MMM’s launch event began with a talk from the organisation’s President and Vice President, Abdul-Aziz Ali and Yomna Elsamman, describing MMM’s objectives, future projects and events. Dr Ahmed Hassan treated the attendees to a fascinating tour of the Islamic Civilisation’s huge contribution to Medicine. Following this, Muslim Professionals Association (MPA) Secretary Dr Amir Zayegh introduced the crowd to MPA and described their current and future collaboration with MMM and similar organisations, then engaged the audience in a mentor mapping activity, putting in focus the need and importance of mentoring in advancing our careers.

After a networking activity in which many new friends and acquaintances were made, Dr Majid Naeem, a General Practitioner who runs CPD accredited workshops for doctors, had everyone scratching their heads in an ECG workshop that provided a teaser for future medical workshops that MMM plans to run.

MPA is proud to be supporting the MMM and our medical professional members, and looks forward to supporting their efforts in the future. 

If you are a Doctor or Medical Student interested in joining or learning more about MMM, visit their Facebook page at

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