Tackling Islamophobia and creating inclusive workplaces for Australian Muslims

Tackling Islamophobia and creating inclusive workplaces for Australian Muslims

Diversity Council Australia’s members were given first-hand insights into the harmful effects that prejudice and Islamophobia are having on Australian Muslims and what can be done to create more inclusive environments, especially at work.

“Employers can, and should, play a more active role in ensuring their workplaces are inclusive” – DCA’s CEO, Lisa Annese

“We’ve set a target to increase cultural diversity of our senior leadership by 2020 so that we reflect the make-up of modern Australian society. This target sits alongside initiatives such as cultural inclusion training and the recent inclusion of the hijab in our corporate uniform.”  Commonwealth Bank

Key actions employers can take:

  • Educate decision makers and recruiters about avoiding cultural bias and the importance of valuing the skills and talents of culturally and religiously diverse candidates.
  • Make efforts to accommodate employees’ or potential employees’ desire to wear religious attire, such as a Hijab. If you have a corporate uniform, provide options for these employees.
  • Encourage work socialisation that involves eating (or eating and drinking), rather than only drinking alcohol.



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